Bridge to the Divine

Healing and Awakening

My soul’s purpose is to bring healing and awakening to those who share my calling. My trainings transform the seeker and the healer so they can access their deepest gifts and follow their soul’s purpose.

To help others transform, we must ourselves transform. We must embrace our wounds, and we must learn to access our true nature, which is whole, wise, loving, and good.

How I Found the Bridge to the Divine

"Everyone," says Rumi, the great poet and mystic, "has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."

In search of my purpose, I followed many paths that had been blazed by others. They seemed promising at first but ultimately led to disappointment.

Finally, I left the blazed trails and entered the dark wood where there was no apparent path and began feeling my way guided from deep within.

As a boy, not yet 12, waiting in the dark for sleep, I wondered and worried about my work. Nothing I saw attracted me or even made sense to me. My father was a businessman. What he did baffled me and exhausted him. I thought time would reveal my work.

School and university enlarged my range of vision but revealed nothing about my work. And when I embarked on a career, it was not my heart's desire. Thus began a life of seeking punctuated by periods of settling for less.

I sat for while at the feet of a guru. I traveled to India, the land of many great mystics. I spent several months at a monastery on the island nation of Sri Lanka. I practiced yoga. I meditated, quit meditating, and returned to meditating. I tried going back to the religion of my youth.

Upcoming Events and Interviews


God’s Parts: Internal Family Systems & the Path of Awakening

IFS helps people heal the wounded parts of themselves by introducing those parts to their divine core. But what if you had not just an internal system but were yourself a part in an eternal system? What if you were one of Source’s parts? If that were so, you could reorganize your whole system. This one-day workshop will be held on October 28 in Austin, TX. You can get more information and register here.





2nd Annual Transformative Coaching Summit

I will be delivering one of the keynotes at this virtual event. My topic is “The Awakened Coach.” To become and remain a master coach, you must be fully engaged in an ongoing program of personal healing and awakening. Your clients are constantly evolving; you must evolve with them. The meta-agenda of all coaching is fundamental wellbeing, or waking up to your true nature, this is, to your divinity. The summit is November 9. You can get more information and register for free here.


Coaching and IFS Were Made for Each Other

The gifted coach trainer Yannick Jacob interviews me for the Animas Centre for Coaching, based in London. For 80 minutes, we discuss how coaches can use IFS safely to support their clients in healing and awakening. Yannick also asks me about my soul’s purpose and approach to spirituality in coaching. To see this interview, click here.


Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC

Certified Coach and Trainer of Coaches



West Hartford, Connecticut, USA