"Unearthing my purpose with Guthrie brought greater coaching mastery and greater clarity on which clients I am meant to attract. My income has increased by 30%, the joy in my coaching relationships has taken flight, and I've relaxed into truly believing I'm in my rightful path and work." —David Hoe, Life Coach, Ottawa, Canada

"Guthrie performs magic. He presumes that deep down I know what to do. His magic is in tapping that internal reservoir of wisdom, and that allows me to move closer to reaching long-sought goals and dreams." –LF, West Hartford, CT

"If you are willing to commit yourself wholeheartedly to exploring the unknown of who you are, of facing directly both your passion and the shadows that hold you back, then you want a coach like Guthrie Sayen.He does not hold back." —Don Carroll

"Guthrie was able to help me tap into the heart of many issues that were holding me back from getting what I wanted and take steps to getting what I really wanted. He is a compassionate, wise, authentic, and fun coach." –Tara Butler

"My personal development and rediscovery of joy is due in no small measure to the passionate leadership, clear communication, and insightful facilitation of Guthrie Sayen."
–Dan Boyle

"My work with Guthrie has allowed me to emerge from a dull and protective world in which I had been holding myself back from joy and creativity. He has supported me in embracing the qualities of myself that make me fully human, fully loving, and fully free."
–Bobby Dolan, PhD

"There is a feeling you get when you meet somebody who is really good at what he does. I call it the WOW factor. My life coach Guthrie Sayen is like that—he is just the best coach I could have hoped to find." –Joe Miller, Montreal Canada

"Guthrie is impervious to my shadow games of seduction by which I fool myself into indecision and inaction." –TS, Montreal Canada

"Guthrie Sayen has been instrumental in helping me drill down in my own value system to discover my true purpose and mission in life and work." –Greg Probst

"Guthrie is an amazing coach and a fabulous coach trainer. He is knowledgeable, fun, smart, and eager to learn at the same time that he shares his learning with sincerity and humility." –Alexandra Keleman, MBA

"Guthrie can hold a loaded gun to my chest, and I still feel safe." –Mary Mulliken

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