The Inner Journey of Self-Acceptance

Do you know the source of your dissatisfaction and your suffering?

I think you do.

It is you.

Our dissatisfaction and our suffering originate within us. And the way to stop the suffering is to go on the inner journey of self-acceptance.

The first of life’s two possible journeys is external. It is a spiraling outward from the center. We learn how to take care of ourselves, meet our needs, form relationships, and build self-esteem. We seek to create the circumstances that will make us happy. This takes decades.

Then we begin to realize that changing our circumstances does not provide us with the deeper fulfillment we seek. This realization is often the trigger for the second of life’s two journeys.

This journey, if we are willing to take it, is a spiraling inward, back to the center, this time with awareness. We learn new skills and new ways of applying old skills. Instead of learning how to manipulate external circumstances, we learn to create from within.

The journey to deep self-acceptance is sacred and healing. As you spiral inward, you find reservoirs of compassion and deep knowing, as well as new sources of calm and creativity, of freedom and strength, of abundance and joy.

I would be honored to talk to you about going on this sacred journey. Would you like to talk, at no charge, to see if it makes sense for us to work together? Contact me.

Inner Journey
Guthrie Sayen