Accepting our humanity, on the one hand, and accessing our enlightened core, on the other, are parallel processes. Embracing the dark opens the portal to the light. We grow up as we wake up, and we wake up as we grow up.

I believe healing and awakening are relational, which means creating safe and intimate circles where people are invited to take the risks necessary for foundational change. Vulnerability and empowerment go together.

A community of fellow seekers amplifies the work. Transformation goes deeper and faster when we are supported by a circle of learning and love.

Embracing our dark side can be joyous. Spirit brings a sense of play to this work. Indeed, laughter is part of the journey and a sign that we are on the path to realizing our true nature.

My next program for healers and seekers is called Coaching with IFS: Using Internal Family Systems for Healing and Awakening, Part 2. This training is for anyone who has some training in IFS or is a trained coach, counselor, or therapist. You can get more information here.