We often think that our pain comes from our circumstances: our job, our finances, our partner, our lack of a partner, our overloaded schedules, our childhood wounds. Whatever it is, it seems to stand in the way of our happiness and to prevent us from answering our deeper calling.

Here's the paradox. The circumstance we most want to change or remove is the doorway to the treasures we seek. Pain is the portal to self-acceptance, a self-acceptance that is so deep that it transforms how we relate to ourselves, to others, to the source of all life and love.

You arrived here because you are called. Your calling shows up as curiosity, confusion, or discomfort. Your discomfort or pain—sometimes in the background, sometimes in the foreground—is a gift. Your pain is your bridge from where you are to where you long to be.

One way to cross the bridge is to go on the inner journey of self-acceptance. Do you want to learn more about this journey?

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Another way to cross the bridge is to find your soul's purpose, that is, your deepest calling, the reason your were born. Do you want to find your soul's purpose?

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Finally, you may be a coach who wants to cross the bridge into full mastery of your unique set of gifts. Do you want to go deeper in your own process so that you take your clients deeper? Do you feel called to bring more light into the world through coaching?

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Guthrie Sayen


"Guthrie performs magic. He presumes that deep down I know what to do. His magic is in tapping that internal reservoir of wisdom...."

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