Coaching for Coaches

Do you ever ask yourself: If coaching is what I am designed to do, why am I sometimes dissatisfied? And, why can’t I do for myself what I am doing for my clients?

Coaches often harbor a secret sense of not being good enough. Few things are more painful than being called and feeling that you are falling short at your calling.

Your pain is the hidden door into who you are and what you are most skilled at doing for others. This is true no matter where you are in your career, whether you are a coach in training or a competent coach moving into mastery or a master coach moving into artistry.

Coaches are here to heal the world, to end suffering, to bring the light of love to others. To do that, we must heal ourselves. We must come home to ourselves, so we can help others make the same journey home. We are bearers of light. We are technicians of the sacred. We are the new shamans, rabbis, and priests.

The road to mastery leads through the temple of your own heart. Your heart contains every treasure you are looking for. When you uncover your own light, you can help others uncover theirs.

Working with coaches is some of the most sacred work I can imagine doing. I would be honored to talk to you about whether I can serve you on your journey. Would you like to talk, at no charge, to see if it makes sense for us to work together? Contact me.

Coaching for Coaches
Guthrie Sayen